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Needing 100% Financing?

Let us invest the down payments, due diligence, etc. We have over 60 lenders however (which we charge 3%), if you already have a reputable lender, that is great (we charge 0%)! Since Brainchild Property Group, INC. is taking 100% of the risk to get your business up and going. Our interest rate is based on the amount we invest as a bridge. For example, say a lender needs 10% for a down payment for your $50M loan. 10% of that is $5M. If we invest that $5M, we get that $5M back as well as $10M – $15M at closing plus 5% equity! All lenders must be in the United States. We do not care if your international as we aren’t the ones funding you, the lender is and the lender pays Brainchild Property Group, INC our investment we made on your behalf.

  1. 100% of our investments will be paid to us at closing by lender.
  2. Of course our documents will be signed by you, the client(s)
  3. All our documents are 100% legal, straight from our team of corporate attorney’s

We will of course be extremely busy. So if you are interested in the above, please send us a message so we can get you on the top of our list and let you know once we are able to do this