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99% Funding

Collateral Backed Project Funding

Brainchild Property Group, INC. Procedures for:
Collateral Backed Project Funding
*Amount / Funding Range: $10M- $2.7 Billion +

1. Engage Brainchild Property Group, INC.

2. Executive Summary / Business Plan
-Please follow this exact format, so that your project is acceptable for review by our investor:
Click to see a PDF on the Proper Protocol For Submitting Your Project

3. Notification of Investor Interest
– Follow up with client and issuance of Preliminary Funding Guidelines Fact Sheet

4. 1st Conference Call scheduled with CEO of Lender

5. Proof of Funds of 1% issued to lender from Client required by Capital Investor Facilitator before conference call

6. Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) is sent with general terms of loan and where to place the 1% down payment.
-Upon Awarding Approval an Engagement/Terms Letter (MOU) will be provided
-Engagement is presented with 7 day Expiration
-1% down payment in Investors account will be due and funds wired at time of executing Engagement/Terms Letter
-Send in your Passport, Drivers License

7. Due Diligence (as required by Federal Law)
-Completion and submission of the required Client Information Sheet
-Due diligence requires 75 business days on average (longer during holidays)

8. Funding
-Usually occurs 90 days after Approval (#7 – i.e. Engagement/Terms Letter – MOU above)
-Stage Funding – “Commercial Line of Credit” CLOC (as required/determined by specific project)
-*Amount / Funding Range: $10M- $2 Billion +

Term: One year and one day renewable for a max of 5 years with repayment required. (negotiable)

Interest Rate: 7-9% (higher for under 5 year term)

Points: 7% – 3 of those points goes to our Investor that is funding your project , 2 of those points goes to Lender and 2 of those go to Brainchild Property Group, INC. You do not have to come to the closing table with that amount because it will be added to the loan.

*Third Party Reports: Our Investor is responsible, at investor’s expense, for any and all reports, appraisals and any other type of third party compilation about the project.
** Our Investor is using his own money to fund your project, so he will use his own money for all appraisals.



Click to see a PDF list of current nations where we do NOT currently offer any financing solutions.