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Joint Venture Equity



Joint Venture Equity Participation:
Joint ventures are a way to enter new markets through the partnering of commercial resources. In markets that restrict inward investment, joint ventures may be the only way to achieve market access. Within joint ventures, equity positions are usually taken by the participants. Such holdings can vary substantially in size, although it is usually important to establish clear lines of management decision-making control in order to achieve success. A lesser form of participation, which may or may not involve equity participation, involves strategic alliances. Joint ventures tend to have a relatively high failure rate. Nevertheless, they also enjoy a number of specific advantages. Joint venture agreements cover operational aspects such as legality, board and management structures, capital and equity management, financial rights, market rights of partners in different regions, and dispute resolution.

During formal underwriting, our investment team will determine its equity participation in the project– typically 5%-40%. We will directly provide both Debt Financing & Equity Capital Funds for joint ventures for USA and International developments and alternative energy projects. We would need a bit of time to raise the money ourselves in the program depending on amount however, because of the potential difficulties that can occur with joint ventures, they should be formulated carefully and the Articles of Association only drawn up after consideration of the objectives and strategies of the participants, both at the time of formation, and as they might reasonably be expected to evolve in the future. Furthermore, such an agreement should set out, in clear language, the rights and obligations of the participants, taking care that differences in interpretation due to translation are not introduced when more than one language is used. The country of jurisdiction under which any disputes would be settled also needs to be clearly stated. The joint venture agreement should then cover the following points:

• Firstly, we conduct a thorough Due Diligence on all projects to verify they meet our high standards for consideration of acceptance
• Business Profile – Business Summary Highlights
• Legal nature of the joint venture and the terms under which it can be dissolved.
• Constitution of the board of directors and the voting power of the partners.
• Managerial rights and responsibilities of the partners.
• Constitution of the management and appointment of the managerial staff.
• Conditions under which the capital can be increased.
• Constraints on the transfer of shares or subscription rights to non-partners.
• Responsibilities of each of the partners in respect of assets, finance, personnel, R&D, and the like.
• Financial rights of the partners with respect to dividends and royalties.
• Rights of the partners with respect to the use of licenses, know-how, and trademarks in third countries.
• Limitations, if any, on sales of the joint venture’s products to certain countries or regions.
• Arbitration clause indicating how disputes between partners are to be resolved.
• Conditions under which the articles of the joint venture agreement may be changed.
• Consideration of how the joint venture can be terminated.
• The Company’s Certificate of Good Standing, Articles of Incorporation and all amendments thereto.
• The Company’s Bylaws and all amendments thereto.
• Organization chart with all employees, control and their compensation listed
• Color (Copy) of Driver’s license and or passport
• Marketing materials used by the business (if any)
• Performa’s, Month-to-Month Financial Projections for the first 12 months following closing, and Annual Financial Projections for years 2-5.

Project Examples:
Fundraisers • Apartments • Commercial Golf Courses • Auto Body Repair • Convenience Store • Car Wash and Special Use • Taverns • Lounge Clubs • Night Club • Working Capital Financing • Oil & Gas • Drilling Rigs • Exploration and Production • Factoring • Self-Storage Units • Gas Stations • Mines • Healthcare and Medical Office Building • Hotels • Motels • Commercial Offices• Infrastructures (roads, highways, rail, etc.) • College and University Buildings • Public-Use and Recreational Facilities • Movies, TV shows for Netflix, etc. • Yachts • Lakes • Jets, Helicopters, Airports, etc. • Cannabis • Multi-Family • Student Housing • Timeshares • Mixed-Use Developments • Retail Stores • Strip Malls • Casinos • Storage Facilities • Warehouses • Assisted Living • Nursing Home • Private Sector Schools • High Technology • Solar • Energy Deals • Manufacturing • Industrial • Retail • Automotive • Banks • Grocery Stores • Funeral Homes • Restaurants • Construction & Development • Distressed Properties • Machinery & Equipment Loans • Renovations • Industrial Property • Mixed-Use Building Loans • Owner Occupied Buildings • Green Energy • Corporate Business Lending • Full Documentation Lending • Commercial Businesses • Hard Money Commercial Lending • Land Acquisition and Development Lending • Commercial Equity Lending • Commercial Renovations and Construction Lending • Private Funding Programs for Joint Ventures • Land Developments • International • Foreign National Funding • Cash-outs • Fundraising, etc.

PROJECT SCOPE & DOCUMENTATION-Required for Initial Review & Approval Please submit the below Documentation along your Business Plan Executive Summary for review to: BrainchildPropertyGroup@Outlook.Com

(NOTE: We send funds in all major currencies. We do not accept or disburse funds to any individual, entity, or agency on the OFAC sanctions list)
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If you are a broker with projects whereby you are having challenges establishing financing and would like our help, please contact us for details on our private money co-broker and referral programs. Understand that we will then / also deal directly with the Principle / Developer, but we will honor your interest & commission in the project. We do not tolerate greed and will not work with a chain of brokers. If you initiate a project with us and it is approved, you will get paid accordingly… if there are other brokers involved in the transaction, you will be responsible for their fees.

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