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Large Scale Financing

Domestic & International Financing


We are looking to intake projects that are shovel ready to fund. If projects are not shovel ready, we have services to get the project shovel ready such EPC, feasibility study, etc. 100% financing available most on projects

We are project/construction loan (end loan)

Crude Oil Refinery Projects • Oil & Gas Wells Projects • Offshore Oil Rigs • Pipeline Projects • Oil Storage Tanks Projects • Oil & Gas Terminal Projects • Gas Station & Petroleum Stations Projects • Renewable Energy Projects • Solar Power Plant Projects • Wind Power Plant Projects • Hydro Electric Power Projects • Nuclear Power Plant Projects • Mining Projects • Buying Aircraft’s • Aviation Industry Projects • Aerospace Industry Projects • Airport Projects • Railway Transportation Projects • Road Projects • Commercial Building Projects • Housing Development Projects • Smart City Projects • Hotel Projects • Resorts Projects • Man-Made Islands • Healthcare Projects • Industrial Factories Projects • Water Park Projects • Sports Projects • Financing Cinema Slate • Most Any Large Projects • Acquisitions • Brownfield & Greenfield Projects • EPCF Projects • Public Private Partnership Projects


• Our lending Company is a member of the United Nations in the Strategic Division New York. Note: Less than 100 companies in the world have been able to register in the Strategic Division, even companies with more than 300,000 official members.

• This Company is the exclusive representative of the Royal Academy of the United Nations located on Wall Street in NYC, to finance all the projects provided by this organization, Trade Finance Instruments and Monetization Financial Instruments until the end of the year 2020.

• As well as the official representative of a financial institution with over 30 bank subcategories. When you work with us, it’s like working directly with over 30 banks


Our lending Company can cooperate with your company in the fields of Project Funding, Monetization Financial Instruments, Aircraft Trading, Redeeming & Cashing Savings Bonds and Historical Bonds.

1) Regarding the field of Project Funding, our company is ready, willing and able to arrange financing for the projects proposed by your company around the world from $50 million to $100 billion.

2) The company is vetted as the official mandate of the largest aircraft sales company in all of Europe. We can provide off-market aircraft trading exclusively for Gulfstream, Airbus and Boeing.

3) Due to the contract signed with a general manager of a qualified bank (a Prime World Bank) in the fields of Monetization Financial Instruments, Trade Finance Instruments, Redeeming & Cashing Savings Bonds, and a financial institution with over 30 bank subcategories, we are ready, willing and able to consider the proposed projects by your company on these fields.


Paying the total amount via bank to bank, Trading Finance by providing a credit line as bank instruments, PPP platform, Equity Finance, Debt Finance, Short Term/Long Term loan or any alternative.

Advantages of working with our lending Company in the field of Project Funding:

• Our methodology, knowledge and expertise has been confirmed and endorsed by the world’s most prestigious international organization, the United Nations, also our access to real financial resources. So you can proceed without worry with us.

• Our position at the United Nations shows the breadth of our network, so in joining our team you will be able to connect and work with other highly skilled professionals.

• According to our access to huge funds, once we receive the required documents by the project owner, our company will issue an official LOI (Letter of Interest involving Summary of Terms and Conditions of Process of Financing by lender) within (7) seven working days, whether the project value is $50 million or $ 100 billion.


1. Project Funding: We need an official letter on your company letterhead and this letter should list the names of all projects requiring financing, including the value of each project. Please see the attached sample LOI format. Our company will issue an official letter in return, based on your request for this matter.

2. Monetization Financial Instruments: We require an official LOI listing all types of financial instruments your company wants to monetize. Our company will issue an official letter in return, based on your request for this matter.

3. Redeeming and Cashing Savings Bonds: We require an official LOI listing all types of bonds your company wants to redeem and cash. Our company will issue an official letter in return, based on your request for this matter.

4. Aircraft Trading: We require an official LOI listing the required aircraft and proposed purchase price for each aircraft. Our company will issue an official letter in return, based on your request for this matter.



Directions for 14 Day RWA (ready, willing, able) cooperation letter to start the financing process. After the terms of the RWA letter have been met, we will issue a LOI to fund the project subject to onsite visit and due diligence being completed to our satisfaction.

1) Principal project owner/borrower – Send their company profile and web site link. If they do not have a lot of detail, then send business plan with executive summary, projections, etc.(PROJECTS HAVE TO BE SHOVEL READY AS DISCUSSED)

2) Project owner to send us a LOI (see template attached) List all phases of the projects discussed, status of their readiness (shovel ready or how many months till shovel ready), itemize and total the amounts.

• Project company has to be a US, Canadian, or European entity. However, project can be worldwide.

• Lender is not a broker, capital is in place, and are the ones bringing the funding.

• We fund by paying bank to bank via wire or bank to bank as a line of credit with instruments.

• We would do a loan @ 1-4.5%, not Investment.

• Underwritten loan for 5 or 10 years.

• Range of funding 50M -100B – USD

• Success fees can be paid at close/closing proceeds.

• Initial retainer fee for onsite visit and due diligence is 15-25k USD per project, plus all travel related expenses, and is paid within 3 days of the borrower signing the LOI we issue. This cannot be paid at close/closing, and an invoice is sent when we issue LOI.

• There is no fee to get the LOI from us, and retainer/travel is refunded at closing.

• We are the originator/underwriter via a mandate to do 99% of the work for our source.

• We will be the only lender involved, and will not subordinate, so any liens in place, are taken out at close.