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3.3%-5% APR loan for 5-15 year-terms!
From $500k to $10B +

We gather together small business individual loans in a pool or group to allow clients to reap the
benefits of the lowest possible rate in the lending business from direct wholesaler lender of Money sold to Banks!


Only 5 Items Are Required:

  1. Short Executive/Business Summary (We can help if you need it.)
  2. Financials
  3. Tax Returns (if available)
  4. Incorporation Documents
  5. Simple Application
  • Work directly with a $150 billion capital wholesale direct lender to BANKS!
  • Verified, Actual Lender with Proven Track Record!
  • Safe Bank Escrow with a U.S.-Based Lender
  • Lowest interest rate
  • 95% Approval Rate – Credit is not a Factor

Requires 10% down but will be put into bank-controlled escrow/restricted account for safekeeping until funding occurs

  • Ask for contracts review
  • Discuss with Lender’s direct senior Representative or with Lender directly – if needed.
  • Loan will be funded in a maximum of 7-14 days
  • 1-day approval
  • We are Direct, Real, and Verified


There is a 10% sinking fund for your first 1-4 years of the loan, which is dependent upon the
annual interest rate for your loan. The sinking fund will equal 10% of the amount you are
requesting for your loan and is paid to a restricted holding account, which acts as an escrow
account. (Safe, Secure, and Managed by the Bank – No withdrawal of any funds is allowed
before client funding.)

The 10% is due the following day after the contracts are signed and executed. This is non-
negotiable. The Lender will also add 10% back onto the overall loan, to allow the total LTV
(Loan to Value) to be 100%. You will also receive a schedule of payments attached to your final
funding agreement that will list the remainder of your interest payments. After the contracts are
executed and the 10% sinking fund has been confirmed and received, the lender will have a site
visit with you and the necessary parties.
The site visit usually takes place within 14 days after the 10% deposit has been completed.
We provide business loans from $500k with only $50.000 down since we can package all
business loans in a unique way that allows a small borrower to receive the same rates as a very
large individual borrower would receive!

These incredibly low rates and terms for small loans (up to the $5 million with $100,000
minimum down) are only possible due to packaging of smaller loans together. With one
of the lowest rates wholesale lenders in the business, we can secure for any small
borrower the same rate a $100 million loan borrower would receive!
We get many loan requests, so submitting your loan to get you the lowest possible rate is
simple and fast while we package it for optimal guaranteed lowest rate with similar size loan


Submit the following paperwork and documentation for consideration:
1. Provide a simple and concise business plan/summary outlining the project and your company’s financial needs.
3. Complete and sign an application and service agreement.
4. Read "Sample restricted holding account and Exhibit A."
5. Read "Exhibit A- Explanation of Sinking Fund."

  • Any Borrower must have 10% of their own funds to deposit into a Restricted Holding Account after acceptance of the lender’s offer.
  • After the loan closes, the 10% is applied towards 2 years of pre-paid interest on the loan.
  • The borrower must make themselves available within two weeks of an offer for the lender to execute a site visit.
  • The borrower must be ready, willing, and able to review the contract and execute the contract within 3 business days of receiving the contract.
  • The borrower must be responsive to their representative(s) if their representative(s) needs any additional documents or information.
  • If the borrower is not ready to agree to these conditions, please wait to submit your package and file only when you are ready.

What is the Holding Account?

This Restricted Holding Account Sample Agreement is identical to the one that is filed with the
bank. The bank is obligated to sign off on it in their compliance and legal departments, and it is
notarized by the lender. The client (borrower) will also need to sign off on it for it to become
legally binding and contractual with the bank and the lender. The attached sample must be
signed by each client, stating that they understand how it is set up and that they wish to move
forward with their loans.
The lender can provide POF for large deals. The lender is real and verified.

Don’t have 10% down? We have options for you! Please inquire.

Get the lowest loan rate to grow your business now!
“Incredible” V2 Loans are available for any business purpose and any
business category!
Loans available from $1 million (with $100,000 down) to $5 billion or

Fast funding process with full security and confidentiality for the