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Our Team

Innovative Financing Solutions Provided Worldwide

  • Daniel Gard

    President - CEO

    “Success without integrity means nothing!” - Brainchild Property Group, INC., believes that consulting is a privilege – one that allows us to empower our clients to get the results they deserve. Contact us to discuss your situation & needs. We work with you to determine your options and maximize your results. Call or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

  • Sara Bair

    Sr. Vice President - CFO

    When you work with Sara Ann Bair you will immediately understand why she has been so successful on her clients’ behalf. -Management - Leadership
    -Data Analysis including Bank Statements + Financials -Product - Client Relations - Customer Retention - Customer Service - Payroll - Event planning -Budgeting - Leadership - Conflict resolution
    + Lender Knowledge

  • Gregg Stroud

    Resource Consultant

    Who will help jump start your future? Gregg Stroud is an expert in the field of corporate financing and business building. He shares his knowledge on financing trends to help companies raise the needed funds to grow their business & dreams. Gregg has the exceptional ability to think creatively and uniquely based on his client’s specific situation. He is the “Go-To Guy” clients trust when seeking additional capital

  • Heaven Devor

    Resource Consultant

    Practical ideas, insights, value. At Brainchild Property Group, INC, our clients needs & satisfaction is our primary focus & goal. Finding the optimum financial structure through attention to detail & marketing knowledge allows us to distinguish itself as a market leader in the Domestic & International Financing Markets. Brainchild Property Group , INC uses online technology, industry familiarity, and relationships with private money sources.