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Project Funding Program

Private Funding $15M to $2B

Project Funding Program


*Amount / Funding Range: $15M- $2 Billion +

1. Engage Brainchild Property Group, Inc

2. Submit the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan
  • Proof Of Funds (POF)
  • Commitment Letter on clients letter head
  • Drivers License/Passport
  • *These are required before any conference call

3. Client will be notified of Lenders Interest

  • Follow up with client and issuance of Preliminary Funding Guidelines Fact Sheet

4. Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) is sent with general terms of loan and where to place the 1% down payment.

  • Upon Awarding Approval an Engagement/Terms Letter (MOU) will be provided
  • Engagement is presented with 7 day Expiration
  • 1% down payment in Lenders account will be due and funds wired at time of executing Engagement/Terms Letter
  • Client(s) may meet with lender prior to any money being sent

5. Due Diligence (as required by Federal Law)

  • Completion and submission of the required Client Information Sheet

*Amount / Funding Range: $15M- $2 Billion +

Term: 1% down, Interest only Amortization 6-9%, Paid out in 3 tranches at 120 Day intervals within 1 year, 15% of Principal for Credit Enhancement due at end of term (2 Years/48 months), the rest of the Principal is Forgiven and no additional payments required thereafter. You are receiving 85% of your project free and clear.


**RESTRICTED NATIONS LIST** Click to see a PDF list of current nations where we do NOT currently offer any financing solutions.


Most finance, accounting, and general banking people have no idea that this exists, and even express disbelief when hearing of the profit that is generated. Ask any CPA, Attorney, and Banker (other than the senior level management of the bank) about these programs and they will generally give you a blank stare, being completely unaware, or highly suspicious, of this. While good people, the level of education in this arena is far greater and beyond their training and expertise.

To repatriate the US Petrodollar, Kissinger created the system of trading that is in use even today. It is this system that forms the foundation for Project Funding through this mechanism.

These are considered PRIVATE PLACEMENTS. This information is tightly controlled, and anyone seeking to learn more by calling the banks or asking the government agencies will be told there is no such thing as this, and they will deny any more information. You will see why it must be this way if this system is to succeed behind the scenes to advance humanity and our environment, as well as provide attractive profits for those with the money.

This following book was designed to help familiarize a prospective Client who is unfamiliar with the Project Funding Trade Program arena. After years plowing through the thousands of “Internet Brokers” who are not truly connected to anyone who is able to perform, and then ultimately becoming associated with the actual performers, this booklet was developed to answer questions coming from a place of knowledge learned over several years. I present this to you as a means of clearing up the many misunderstandings that people around the globe have had about these, and to provide some insight into the funding of major infrastructure, humanitarian and environmental projects that will benefit humanity.
First, let’s clear up what the term “Private Placement” really means.

PRIVATE PLACEMENT is an umbrella term that covers all types of transactions that are not meant for the investing public to know about. That’s why they are PRIVATE. In general, all types of financial offerings that are not public are private and reserved for those with the proper financial and background qualifications. To clarify this, think of a Private Placement Program as ANYTHING NOT BEING OFFERED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

The below booklet is for informational purposes only. This is NOT an invitation to join any Trading Platform.