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  We finance projects across a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to, startups, stabilized real estate, construction, commercial rehab projects, agriculture and hydroponics, mines, oil & gas, alternative energy, non-real estate such as web technology and IT, pharmaceutical developments, major business acquisitions and operational expansion, especially Dental, Medical, and all Surgery Practices. Projects must be solid with viable exit strategy and Principals must be proven and experienced.

Unlike traditional banks and other specialty finance companies that simply conduct a credit review and asset appraisal, our lender conducts a thorough and intensive due-diligence process that is similar to that found in the private equity industry. This process allows our Brainchild Property Group, INC. to identify and execute project funding opportunities that are often too challenging for traditional financial institutions or outside their typical investment parameters.

“If I were to describe the best client, it would be one who understands that without a good relationship with Trust, Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability and Understanding of each party’s needs, nothing will ever happen. From the strength of a trusting relationship, transactions can proceed in an effective way. When a client misrepresents him/herself in any way, it is always discovered in the due diligence, and that client ends up on a permanent list of disqualified individuals who are prohibited from trading.

Deal opportunities come and go every day. But the Relationship that lives on will bring forth new opportunities that fit your plans. Few people understand that, no matter how wealthy they are, they are often turned away at the beginning if they are difficult to work with.”

Daniel Gard is a trusted Corporate Business Entrepreneur who has successfully advised the following:
Governments (known globally) / Property Owners & Developers / Architectural & Engineering Firms / Subcontracting Firms (All Trades) / General Contracting Firms / Construction Management Firms / Design Firms / Distributions & Supply Chains / Equipment Companies / Building Product Manufacturers Financial & Insurance Firms / Recruiting Firms / Eco Green & Solar Companies / Oil & Fuel Companies / Cannabis Oil Companies / Testing Companies / Entertainment Companies funding Movies shown around the world along with t.v. shows found on Netflix, etc.

Special Project Funding Programs with Hedge Funds, Project Selection/Locating; business acquisitions; construction products; increasing bid revenues; bid solicitations; estimating solutions; eliminating working capital and staffing issues; identifying cost savings; driving profitable business revenues and successful dealings with industry professionals directly or indirectly related to the world of construction or building products. Daniel & Sara also advise companies how to locate and target niche projects in defined territory sales markets across North America.

In addition, we re-develop a large number of Multi-Family, Timeshares, Mixed-Use Developments, Commercial Offices, Retail Stores / Strip Malls, Hotels / Motels, Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Medical Offices / Assisted Living / Nursing Home, Private Sector Schools, High Technology / Solar / Oil & Gas / Energy Deals, Manufacturing / Industrial, Retail: Automotive, Banks, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Funeral Homes, Restaurants nationwide as well as international. Can be New Construction, Substantial Rehabs, New Acquisitions, Refinance, etc.

Brainchild Property Group, INC Notes:

Brainchild Property Group, INC will bridge your down payment, any fee’s, etc for you to be able to get a loan for your project(s). We will receive double the amount due when your project is funded as well as 5% equity stake.

We have rolling deadlines from month to month. Our office Vice President has enforced the limited monthly submissions process in order to ease the application process for the lenders and to ensure that submission restrictions are met. If we reach our monthly quota for submissions, we close for that month. Those wishing to have their project proposal considered for an opportunity are required to submit documents emailed to you (client), by the internal deadline.

Typically we earn a success fee at closing of 2% on the funded amount, determined primarily by the loan size but also by the type of transaction and other factors. We require a small Retainer of $995.00 – $2500.00 USD that will be credited against our closing fee. Our retainer is due upon Client’s acceptance of our Consultation Fee Agreement. The Retainer will be earned for Consultant’s collection, review and submission of the loan documentation. Consultant will provide continued assistance to the Client throughout the entire lending process. This will include gathering closing documents if requested. The Retainer will be deducted and refunded to the Client from the final payment of the total Consultation Fee due when and if Client accepts funding and closes a loan provided by a Lender introduced by Consultant.

Those terms will be based on the clients representations made on one of our funding worksheets. The initial work that we perform on any new account is at our expense and involves an internal review and analysis of the transaction followed by further review with a specific lender/investment firm. The lender will be selected on the basis of your industry type, geographic location, loan size, credit profile, type and mix of collateral, etc. The lender must express a defined interest in providing a proposal with specific terms, based on the representations that have been made by the client. We work on a non-exclusive basis and the borrower may choose to accept other financing or pursue other available options at a later date that would preclude a closing from occurring. In that event, the retainer will have covered our costs.

We require this retainer to protect ourselves against situations where our borrower has inadvertently misrepresented the value of collateral or the cash flows to cover debt service. It would also protect us in a case where the lender finds they cannot perfect a security interest in the collateral being offered or the borrower cannot provide the necessary documentation that the lender requires.

Because we do not require any exclusivity with respect to our fee agreement, the retainer also protects us in the event that the borrower obtains financing elsewhere, secures an equity infusion, or simply decides that they do not require the financing at this time. If the loan does not close for any reason, other that our inability to produce a capable lender, then the retainer covers our time, effort and expense regarding the work done by us. Retainer fee is refundable at time of funding.

Brainchild Property Group, INC.

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